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Conspiracies uncovered

What is the subversive war applied by political parties, media, associations, social networks?



In this video you will quickly understand how a method of basic intensity warfare without weapons is applied against its population with subversive organizations to take power of a country without its population realizing it. We are attacked without knowing it Subversive warfare.

I explain to you the definition of this new generation of communist war but also of the new World Order which applies on 4 sides with the different political parties, the pseudo charities, the experts corrupted by money and on the other side the media and social networks that censor with Fact checkers.

If you can’t see the video in your contry use a VPN to watch it on

With this artificial Chinese virus also planned by the Freemasons see video of whistleblower Bill Ryan Here See the following video


To download the document to understand the mechanics. Click on the button Sorry but englisg translation is not availiable

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