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The crisis of 1929 consisted for the Zionists of the Fed – stealing gold from the Americans



If with this video you will understand the consequences of the 1929 crisis, then you will understand that in the 2020s we are going straight on the same path worse than the Great Depression of 1929, in our case it will be a Bitcoin crash, the collapse of the stock market and certainly of the real estate sector with the 3rd world war.

This video on the 1929 crisis is the only video that reveals the reasons for the Mafia of the FED partners how they stole all the gold from American families and “temporarily” eliminated the gold standard for 90 years (what a joke) and the worst with the complicity of the president elected by the Americans, Fran Mason Roosevelt who belongs to a Super Lodge with his brother Franc Mason, the economist Keynes of the Super Lodge Montesquieu and Thomas Paine.

One of the best scams you must find out about in this video.

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