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Conspiracies uncovered

The COVID-19 conspiracy finally explained



On the first day of confinement in Spain on Monday March 16, 2020 I began to write my first book because it was necessary to explain to the whole world, extermination in progress, the plans of the new world order in a holocaust that had to be denounced.

I have been waiting for years for this moment but sincerely I thought first that he was going to detonate the nuclear bomb in the middle east in 2022 numerology 6 and then launch the knights of apocalypse with a virus created by a laboratory of the hand brilliant teams in biology.

In my downloadable book I explain the plans that have been around for over a century that Lucifer-worshiping Zionists and crisis-makers carefully tweaked this organized chaos respecting of Satanic numerology byIlluminatis to launch bioterrorist actions.

From China and then in Europe then in the USA and so in Latin America and Africa. When a virus spreads via long-courrier planes in 48 hours we should all have been in confinement but the curious thing is when the Europeans ended their 2-month confinement it was the turn of Africans and South Americans, which does not make sense. And all of this does not make sense.

In my preppersmanual I explain the basics of the conspiracy with Freemasonry, the Satanist and the revelations of a whistleblower in 2010 about a flu in China. Finally I explain to you how to protect yourself as I did especially when the nuclear bomb in the Middle East explodes and we will receive the active radio rains.

My manual, whether for a new pandemic or a war, you have to store certain provisions to cover these needs for at least 2 months in your house. Here download my manual in limited version to know the 1st part on the conspiracy and you will become like me a preparacionist.


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