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Conspiracies uncovered

Testimony of a victim who recovered from Covid-19 in 8 hours



Here I bring you the testimony of a person I know unvaccinated who had covid-19 2 times.

The first time when I saw the list of medications he had been given I was surprised to see: Azimotricine 500mg, Acetilcisteine 600mg, Paracetamol 1g and he got out of it in 8 days.

Now look when he has Covid-19 for the 2nd time he gets out of it in 8 hours with Artemisia, and 2 other plants. Watch the video and share

Frankly the corrupt governments of Europe with the balances of the laboratories really take us for idiots with their accomplices the journalists.

The video is in spanish he esplains the sypntoms and he gest better after 8 hours just drinking infusions with those 3 plants : Artmenisia, Mauve Perilla and Houttuynia cordata.

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