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Conspiracies uncovered

Secrets of Satanic Numerology Covid-19, Finance, Terrorism, Politics



Here are several years of research unveiled during the Islamic terrorist attacks in the world which strangely followed a pattern with certain satanic holidays which confused me a bit and I did not understand the relationship.
I had to understand that Islamic leaders were recruited by Mosad and the CIA trained in Islamic ideology to deceive the Muslim world.
The worst part is then I realize that these numbers appear too often in American films on the doors of houses and hotels, license plates, advertising, cartoons, in politics. And the point in common is Luciferian Zionism and kingpin Freemasonry working in the shadows with these deceptive and confusing social engineering concepts.
Watch this conference to have a keen eye and understand that everything is linked.
“Whoever knows it will see the pitfalls and have a better chance of survival.
The ignorant will remain blind and die in this decade of 2020 ”


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