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Satanic Numerology The Basics Part 1 The Units



When people is talking about the number of the Beast, the famous666 (equals 18) but there are other numbers like 9 and also 1 which is written like Vav, the number 6 in Hebrew. The secret 169

In this introductory video I reveal the secrets of the base units of satanic numerology

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I hope you have seen my 2 previous videos on satanic celebrations which have a connection with satanic numerology.

By mastering these 2 concepts, we will be able to make predictive future together and know in advance the dates in which the possibilities are greater of being attacked, such as the date chosen by the Freemasons (Satanists) of 6-6-1944, i.e. 6-6-18 only satanic numbers.

You will see that 75% of Muslim terrorist attacks follow these 2 concepts in the next posts.

When we understand that Islamist terrorism is piloted by the Hathor Pentalpha Super Lodge having as if by coincidence Georges Bush (father and son), Tony Blair, Jose Maria Aznar, Nicolas Sarkozy and the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. We begin to understand the plot as my videos of this world montage take away our freedoms.

Terroriste Al Baghdadi et Mccain

See the book Dr Johannes ROTHKRANZ translated into French by Laurant GLAUZY to see the list of culprits and mercenaries who run the world and who we vote for. But also exist with other author in english.

Terrorism in the world the list of culprits

Watch the continuation of the satanic numerology on the tens by clicking here

  • Terrorisme dans le monde les coupables

  • Terrorista Al Baghdadi y Mccain

  • Terrorista Al Baghdadi y Mccain
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