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Prayer to defeat World War 3 by Stelio DE LA PAZ



prayer for peace

Please say according to your time zone according to your availability either at 8 a.m. or 12 p.m. or 8 p.m.

In the name of God (Bismillah) (Barouk Atai Adonaï) protect your Christian, Muslim and Jewish children from the Torah,

In the name of God (Bismillah) (Barouk Atai Adonaï) cancel egregore of war in the world, defeat the traitors of Humanity, and make them disorganized, so that the Albert PIKE plans do not happen,

In the name of God (Bismillah), give courage to the victims and the ignorant to counter together the powerful of this world, In the name of God (Bismillah) (Barouk Atai Adonaï) enlighten people’s conscience to change the system, while breaking the economic systems that made us slaves,

In the name of God (Bismillah) (Barouk Atai Adonaï) , condemn social networks and media that make misinformation, propaganda to create wars by ruining them,

In the name of God (Bismillah) (Barouk Atai Adonaï) condemn the  judges, prosecutors, ministers and presidents greedy of iniquities in their country to be arrested and condemned,

In the name of God (Bismillah) (Barouk Atai Adonaï) arrest the powerful of this world to ruin them, transfer their wealth to restore peace and jobs to all families.

prayer for peace

Almighty God smashes the projects of satan with this 3rd world war by unmasking the traitors of humanity that are the communists, freemasons, talmunists, kabalists, zionists, luciferians and satanists by deactivating weapons, missiles, rockets, tanks, submarines, planes and weapons of digested and secret energies.

Quickly give us the knowledge and the courage to face our adversaries with bravery.

God protect your Christian children, Muslims ans Torah Jews, by activating their need to pray all together and to overthrow the unjust power which is at its end and refuses us worship of the ante Christ and the beast.

Give us the strength and courage to arrest the culprits of Covid-19 and fake vaccines of mass destruction and may regenerate DNA from vaccinated victims who have been deceived.

And let the Messi come quickly to save us.

Amen (Amin)

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