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Conspiracies uncovered

Forensic report of Satanic cults unclosed



Here is a declassified report by the United States Department of Justice that explains the ways Satanic cult groups operate and the signs have revealed some of the most sadistic, brutal, and bizarre stories. deviant sexual murders in modern history. Abnormal sexual offenses involving cult worshipers are not always recognized.

In many cases, “strange” and “unusual” symbols are left at the scene of the crime, or passed down through various writings that the investigator does not know or understand, and so often these symbols are ignored, and or thought to be non-essential and unimportant in the case. These cult symbols, runes and hieroglyphs will help the serious investigator to acquire abilities and to correctly understand and recognize this new and serious explosion of crimes.

It is more difficult to understand because involved in secret satanic worship practices are deeper unlimited drugs and narcotics, as well as deviant sexual behavior.

By reading this document you will better understand how to avoid cults by their sneaky techniques of manipulation of feelings. Download the document here

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