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Economic survivalism

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If you are like me preoccupied by your future, here I bring you solutions of economic survival and of knowledge on the deceptions of our society shaped by sects of power like the Freemasonry, the Super lodges, the Zionists and the Illuminati, to do not fall into the traps of propaganda.

When we have acquired the knowledge we are ready to defend ourselves and counter the system from your village by setting up resilient economic systems, able to face the crises that we are going to have such as the economic crisis with hyperinflation, change of the system of society, shortages of resources, ecological disasters, civil wars or urban guerrillas, etc …

I will teach you how to apply the economic defensive guerrilla warfare to work united all together to pass this decade or a maximum of people will die.

Share my articles to open the eyes of as many people as possible.


Your devoted and friend

Stelio DE LA PAZ


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