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Book on the truth of covid-19 and its holocaust



Several months have passed and public opinion notes that the media with their propaganda are lying to us about the Covid-19 by losing their credibility. Do you know why ?

In my book written between March and May 2020 in full confinement in Europe I explained why the leaders of our respective countries who belong to the sect of Freemasonry apply in harmony a plan with precision to participate in the holocaust part of the population.

Retirees who are costing too much to our society.

You will understand the concept of subversive war applied by Freemasonry, the concept of satanic numerology applied in global terrorism and in the Covid-19 which are discreet signatures on their part, you will discover the plans that have existed for +100 years with the plan of the Luciferian Freemason Albert Pike of the 3 world wars and also of a whistleblower in 2010 speaking a conversation of Freemasons in London on the spread of a flu in China.

In my second part of my book I explain how to protect yourself whether it is for a local epidemic or explosion of a nuclear bomb that will blow up in 2022 numerology 6 the number of the beast of Revelation. What products to store, how to take care of containment, how to prepare to cover + 80% of these needs at home.

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