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About me

This is how I became an independent investigator and whistleblower.

In Paris I lived a story worthy of thriller films when my life turned upside down knowing a French justice official (of Iraqi origin, daughter on one side of an untouchable arms trafficker protected by the French government and of the other side his mother, back cousin of the King of Saudi Arabia).

I never imagined that there could be delinquents even within the Ministry of Justice at Place Vendôme in Paris, France.

Here is my story : 

From Spanish parents who immigrated to France, I consider myself a Frañol (Franco Spanish) with French education and Spanish culture.

After graduating as a Technician in Sales in 1994 in my hometown, I had the opportunity to go to Paris to study in a business school, general business executive training with a Marketing option in alternation working for a communication agency specializing in semio-linguistics as a marketing assistant.

You will understand later knowing that it is no coincidence that 20 years later that I was interested in deciphering hidden signs or coded messages of the New World Order.

My life was very normal to be a normal person and a very down to earth Cartesian mind.

When I finished my studies, I went to the United States to improve my English and work in the hospitality industry for a few months. This experience marked me to be always excellent in my work.

In San Francisco, I got interested in new technologies and back in France I started my career working for different IT manufacturers such as:

The German brand ELSA, being the pioneer in France in 1999 on the market of 3D glasses for gamers, graphics cards and the first WIFI solution. I have been fortunate to work with a great team for brand and product launches. It has been an exciting experience to see how you help to see in one year how your brand starts to be recognized and your competitors notice and recognize the work done on the ground.

I also worked with D-LINK with the sale of computer network products, a principle that popularized the Internet in department stores.

After September 2001, I had curiously lost my French identity card and had to ask the court in Puteaux for proof of my naturalization in order to redo my identity card. It was then that I met this girl of Iraqi origin, a justice official at the Puteaux court.

Overnight I was madly in love with her without knowing anything about her. At that time, I did not believe in these things about magic because I was the pure product of French culture by the reasoning of Descartes.

She told me that her father was crazy, that he beat her and that her father’s men were watching her. They had to flee Iraq because Saddam HUSSEIN wanted to kill his father and they arrived in Bordeaux and after a few years went up to Nanterre to hide (Parisian suburb) in a notorious neighborhood.

One day my intuition prompts me to tell her if she has royal blood (for me it was stupid to say that but that’s how I felt) and she confirmed that her mother was a cousin of the king of Saudi Arabia . After a few weeks I put an end to this contact with an unstable and problematic girl, with one with a half-angel, half-demon split personality.

Then a few months later I left to work for the American brand BELKIN, a manufacturer of small peripherals and computer adapters.

It was during this period that I therefore met this Karima HABIB alias Camélia on her scarf stand when at the Gare de Lyon in Paris where we had started a relationship, until the day I told her that I was in love with this Iraqi woman named Suzanne without knowing her last name.

Before ending the relationship with Suzanne she told me that she had obtained her competition to work as a secretary in a police station, then I discovered later at 23 years old, she was hired at the Ministry of Justice of the Place Vendome. Listening to my intuition and knowing the French government, he would never have put an ARAB at that time and even less given his young age and especially with little experience to work at the Ministry of Justice Place Vendôme in Paris.

The gendarmes at the entrance to the Ministry of Justice after a while show me her photo on a screen and tell me that she was married. I did not understand anything because it was not in his plans. Camelia knew a Commissioner of General Intelligence who makes a routine investigation here is the result of this research.

He strongly recommends that I forget about this girl and get away from her this far between New York and Paris knowing that her father was very dangerous. Mazen Ryan HALEB the terrible arms trafficker was declared a non grata person in Lebanon where he was general during the Lebanon war, then moved to Iraq where he started a family and in 2003 he was also declared a traitor , in Algeria, Iraq Lebanon and another Arab country in the Mediterranean.


This French Commissioner of General Intelligence had discovered that it was Mazen Ryan HALEB who had killed Pierre Bérégovoy on the order of President François Mitterrand and although the press had disguised this truth and therefore declared at that time that he was committed suicide with 2 bullets in the head.

This man, General Mazen Ryan HALEB, was a very close friend of a French general after my investigation into the AZF terrorist group of 200 could only be the famous desert jackal, General RONDO, known in Spain to have to deal with a French spy case of Magrebian origin with the Catalan justice by making them a trick.

Suzanne explains her ordeal to Camelia that her father had made an arranged marriage (which I suspect had sold the false virginity of his daughter Suzanne) to the son of the founder of the pens of the ST DUPONT brand.

This is how we understood that Suzanne HALEB was boosted at the Ministry of Justice Place Vendôme in Paris (and now it is obvious that to serve the interests of her father and of Freemasonry who employed her for certain people elimination missions).

I never thought or imagined that a justice official was the daughter of a very dangerous Lebanese-Palestinian arms trafficker who owed money to several jewelers in Paris but no one denounced him out of fear and retaliation. This is how I understood the expression to have a long arm in French ministries.

Also this RG commissioner who was less than a year from his retirement had discovered a secret about Mazen Ryan HALEB and had gone on a mission to MOROCCO in which Karima HABIB declared that he had died in the Islamist attack on 2003.

Then, in 2004 in I was recruited via a Parisian recruitment agency, for a computer wholesaler one year as product manager.

Between 2003 and 2004 these two women robbed me of all my money with their story.

It should be noted that in June 2003, the Minister of the Interior Nicolas SARKOZY had lifted the diplomatic immunity of Mazem Ryan HALEB according to Karima HABIB.

It is from this moment that I started to be victim of GANG STALKING (group harassment very similar to that applied by the secret army of NATO – GLADIO but, in my case in Arabic version) when I I moved to Boulogne Billancourt in a bourgeois city where there were hardly any Maghrebians and it was from there that I began to see the Maghrebian population increase, which observed me at the key points of my travels little by little .

We entered my apartment without breaking and entering in which to my amazement I found the hair of 2 women, knowing that I was divorced living alone and my studio was clean.

Later, with another recruitment agency, I had the chance and the privilege of being the France-Spain sales manager for the American hard drive manufacturer WESTERN DIGITAL.

It was in September 2004, that I understood the scam of Suzanne HALEB and Karima HABIB for extortion of money in an organized gang with deception, especially for people who swear on the Koran that they will pay you double.

You cannot imagine how this girl, with the help of FREE-MASONERY, has repeatedly obstructed justice, to denounce the fraud of this organized gang and to have been the whistleblower in 2010 of trafficking vehicle registration documents from the Boulogne Billancourt sub-prefecture in 2010 and with the coincidence with Algerians from the Algerian consulate.

You will see in my story an accumulation of coincidences which are not.

Fortunately, I had forwarded information via people from the Boulogne police station by alerting them to 2 green cars with the same license plate whose owners of these 2 vehicles were working in my surveillance for Mazen Ryan HALEB.

Monday, May 11, 2009 around 6.30pm on the platform of Metro line 10 Michel Ange Molitor, a strange man was behind me in order to push me when the metro arrived. Understanding the merry-go-round, he could not do anything. It was several years that I understood that it was related to life insurance, my false son, my ex-wife, Suzanne HALLEB who had allowed her to have social housing in 2004.

Here you can see the article.

But the judge could not go to the end of this case and to go back to Mazen Ryan HALEB: The prosecutor Philippe COURROYE friend of Nicolas SARKOZY obstructed justice in the same way as the case of illegal financing of the party policy of Nicolas SARKOZY with Liliane DE BETTENCOURT the heiress of L’Oréal in July 2010 in my complaint against Suzanne HALLEB, her father and Camélia and in my request for a rogatory commission.

When the public prosecutor returned my file through the Brigadier Chief of Police of the Boulogne police station, the latter had done his job by checking and observing things that did not fit with the proper functioning of justice and have in the police unnecessary in the investigation that a 14-year-old could have solved the problem. Then it was impossible to meet again with this Chief Brigadier to file a complaint in any other way as he avoided me.

At the beginning of July 2010 I understood my dreams which alerted me and that I only had a few days left to live and that I was going to die in an explosion with children, it is for this reason that on the eve of the July 14, 2010 national holiday in France I fled to Spain leaving everything in my studio to take refuge in Spain with one hand in front and another behind.

Imagine for a moment the kabalah that I had in my attempts to prosecute them and threatening my French lawyers, which no longer gives any sign of life and also some lawyers returned conspiring against me using a forgery and use of forgery pretending to be my father in an administrative lawsuit.

With all my relentlessness from Spain, the Freemasons prosecutors, Masons Bâtonniers protected this lawyer (the best in his specialty in France for obstructing my file) the worst the Dean of the judges of Paris also Freemason also covering with the magistrates of legal aid in Paris to block my trials.

I concluded that justice in France is a mafia / sect of Freemasonry when the people of France take over power we will ban having officials, politicians, bankers, scientists and editors of the press having a MACONIC affiliation. Why ! Because they participate in the conspiracy and for this reason there will be trials with a popular jury, the concept of limitation in time will no longer exist and immunities will be removed. This concept will no longer exist.

I have been investigating all these years the conspiracy for living and avoiding the pitfalls in my personal case; this is the whole global scam in which the Illuminati use people from all lodges of Freemasonry linked: to arms trafficking, to Islamic terrorism in which the leaders are high-ranking agents in these Islamist organizations and who do not in no way respect “the QURAN”.

Freemasonry is also linked to drug trafficking and trafficking in women and pedophilia on certain dates in the satanic calendar.

In 2020, I wrote my first Preppers ebook: “Beginner’s Manual for Beginners”

Volume 1 How to protect yourself in the event of a pandemic, in which I denounce the conspiracy of a new holocaust of the World elite of the Luciferian cult which wants to suppress 99% of the world population. In my Ebook, I explain with examples, testimonies collected from this Zionist elite in all its power and also what will happen very soon and why and what we are currently experiencing since the year 2020, 2021 etc.

Check out my Pandemic Preparedness Manual and through which people need to know what’s going on behind your back as it will be very useful in 2022 when the United States will detonate on the orders of the Rothschilds (the masters world) nuclear bomb in the Middle East to fulfill the mission of the Illuminati Mason General of the Ku klux Klan Albert Pike.

Here you can buy my Ebook sold on the main platforms

except on the satanist Amazon whom I boycott.

You too are boycotting the satanist Amazon.


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